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Little about me

I’m a late 70’s kid that grew up with a single Mom (early years of my life) that found himself gravitating towards CG like 3D cartoons Reboot/Beast Wars (early 90’s) while growing up in the technology boom where video games came from Commodore 64/Atari to Nintendo/Sega and Xbox/PlayStation battling out in what I call the “Bit” war. Also, don’t let me forget computers like Apple Macintosh the “brick” transforming into powerful rendering and gaming machines. This is my world and I loved every part of it growing up.


I grew up in Seattle, WA as a Carpenter dreaming about CG, just being a part of that creative process of making video games, movies….. everything really to do with CG. I knew that’s what I wanted to be….  a 3D Artist. I started my education at Bellevue Community College to earn my AA degree in Computer Animation and Effects. I felt the program was good but I really needed to be where it was all happening and a course load that would really (I’m mean REALLY) push you as an Artist. NY is where I had my eyes set on. So I moved to NY with my girlfriend and I attended at School of Visual Arts. I earned my BA from SVA in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.


Today I’m still that very kid. I have extreme passion for Games, Cartoons, Movies or whatever creates that world where we like to escape to. I love surrounding myself around creative like minded people, exploring and sharing new fresh ideas while learning new techniques for our industry. For me, creating 3D Art is my life, it fuels my passion for it, pushes me to just be the best Artist I can be and it's super addictive.


Words of encouragement to my fellow artists: Be super passionate about what you do, don't be afraid to share, keep pushing yourself to be the very best that you can be and most important just have fun!

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